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Who is Iron Owl?

Larry Clark

Iron Owl Development is headed by me, editor and developer Larry Clark. Fourteen years experience on the editorial side of publications plus over ten years experience in web development and data management give me the skills to produce exceptional work.

I developed and managed the conversion of the award-winning Washington State Magazine to a refreshed website, mobile-friendly web app, and e-reader formats. I have converted the magazine to Kindle and ePub since 2009. My background and education in journalism at Washington State University, combined with technical abilities in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, XML, ePub, and other advanced web development techniques enable me to successfully present publications in web apps and e-readers.

Iron Owl also has a network of designers, developers, and programmers who can assist in converting and maintaining publications.


Each potential project receives a free, comprehensive bid after assessing your needs. Generally, estimated cost will depend on the type and scope of the project, but the bottom line will be competitive.

Editing/proofreading pricing

Editing—basic copyediting$40/hr. (approx. 2000 words/hr.)
Editing—line editing or heavy copyediting$50/hr. (approx. 1000 words/hr.)
Editing—developmental$50/hr. (approx. 500 words/hr.)
Proofreading$35/hr. (approx. 3000 words/hr.)
Fact checking$35/hr.

E-book conversion pricing

15,000 words or less (with up to 10 images)$100
15,001-30,000 words (with up to 10 images)$150
More than 30,000 words (with up to 10 images)$175
11-25 imagesAdd $25
Ask for a quote for more than 25 images and complex formatting such as fixed layout, sidebars, multiple tables, interactivity, or enhanced content.

E-book conversion is free if you purchase editing and/or proofreading services. [Some limits apply.]

E-book conversion times are typically very quick but can take longer if there are numerous images and complex layouts.

Web app pricing

Please request a bid on your project. For mobile web apps, small projects run from 20-50 hours and larger projects may require 50-200 hours. Much of the timing will depend on your current data and desired customizations.

If you need design assistance, I have a network of freelance designers, including several with awards for their design work.

For each project, Iron Owl will make every effort to keep the costs low. At the same time, I will move projects along efficiently without compromising quality. All work is guaranteed within its scope, and I will correct any errors on my part with no cost to you.

What’s with the name?

Iron Owl Development, the name, came about because of two things: 1) I like owls, and 2) my own name is pretty common. It represents a smart, swift, and solid work ethic applied to your project. But mostly, I like owls.

Limits to the free e-book conversion for editing/proofreading services: Conversion to ePub and Kindle will take place after a contract is fulfilled and payment made in full for editing/proofreading services. The e-book can only contain up to 15 images, no fixed-layout, and up to 100,000 words for the free e-book conversion. We can definitely negotiate reasonable rates for anything beyond these limits!