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Free E-books

Pirates, Detectives, Soldiers, and Doctors cover

Pirates, Detectives, Soldiers, and Doctors: Stories and Essays by Arthur Conan Doyle from McClure’s Magazine · Kindle · ePub
A collection of five of Doyle’s essays, 14 short stories, and an interview of Doyle from the popular early twentieth-century magazine, with all of the original illustrations and photographs. The new foreword tells the story of Doyle and Samuel S. McClure, who first published Doyle’s work in the United States.

The Book of Wonder Voyages

The Book of Wonder Voyages by Joseph Jacobs · Kindle · ePub
A collection of four mythical stories from Greek, Irish, Arab, and Norse traditions: The Argonauts, The Voyage of Maelduin, Hasan of Bassorah, and The Saga of Thorkill and Eric the Far-Travelled. Edited by folklorist Joseph Jacobs and illustrated by John D. Batten.

The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald · Kindle · ePub
A 1907 version of the classic children’s book with illustrations by Maria Kirk and others.


Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu · Kindle · ePub
The Gothic vampire novella as serialized in 1872 in London magazine The Dark Blue.

Father Bunny and His Birds

Father Bunny and His Birds by Laura Rountree Smith · Kindle · ePub
Father Bunny and Mother Bun introduce birds of North America to children in rhyme and pictures. Illustrated by M. T. “Penny” Ross, who worked for Walt Disney and drew widely syndicated comics in the early twentieth century.