Princess and the Goblin - Kindle FireThe Machinery is operated by me, editor and web developer Larry Clark, because of my fascination with e-books and how they are made. It started when I converted the magazine I work for into ePub and Kindle formats in 2009. Shockingly, once I looked under the hood of the formats I found the task was made easier by my background in XML, SGML and DTD development in the 1990s.

Thanks to the variety of e-readers and reading software, and the tricky standards for ePub, I am pretty sure there is no lack of topics about the inner workings of e-books. Every conversion I make shows me what I don’t know and ideas about how I can aim for the holy grail of “build once, publish everywhere.”

I will also post about free e-books periodically and other new stuff from my digital publishing services business, Iron Owl Development. If you need those services, please contact me.

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