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The Princess and the Goblin

Iron Owl Development specializes in converting publications to web app and e-reader formats, editing, proofreading, and consulting services.

For authors, I will copyedit and proofread your book or other publication and convert it to ePub and Kindle formats for free. [Some limits apply.]

I will focus on the details and pay careful attention to maintaining the flavor and integrity of your book or other publications.

E-book Formats

Pricing for e-book conversion and design

Kindle · Advanced (KF8) formatting and older Kindle formats


Kindle is by far the most popular e-reader, so making your content available on the devices increases your exposure. This can include the new KF8 format from Amazon, which allows more formatting options for publishers. This format for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch can help publishers present a more robust and elegant version of their magazines, books, or other material. All work is checked on Kindle Fire, Touch, and original Kindle devices, as well as PC, iOS, and Android versions of Kindle.

ePub · The format used by most non-Kindle e-book readers. ePub 2 and ePub 3 (as devices become available)


When ePub 3 is adopted more widely it will deliver similar formatting options as KF8 to non-Kindle e-readers. Apple’s iBooks uses a form of ePub 3, which allows complex formatting on e-books. All complete works must meet ePubCheck validation, the top standard for e-books. All work is also checked on Nook, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, Sigil, and other e-readers.

Editing · Copyediting · Proofreading

Pricing for editing or proofreading


Web app for publications

A mobile and tablet solution for publications that doesn’t depend on native iOS, Android, or other systems. They can also potentially be converted to native apps.


I can convert your publication to a mobile-friendly web-based app, built to present a branded version of the content that adjusts based on the size of the device. Using responsive design and the solid jQuery Mobile Javascript framework, the web app can let consumers enjoy the editorial content no matter which smartphone, tablet, or operating system they use.

Native apps for iOS or Android can become prohibitively expensive, particularly when a company or publication desires a customized experience to reflect their editorial vision. A web app transcends the platform by relying on familiar web development technology. It’s cheaper and easier to design a mobile-ready product as a web app than to pay multiple programmers for multiple versions of a native mobile app.

If you desire, the web app might also be ported to a native version of iOS or Android, giving access to the markets for those devices.

Consulting, training, and ongoing operation · Once the web app or e-book is designed and operating according to your specifications, I can either train your staff on updating content or work out a service plan for Iron Owl to update content as needed. I am also available for consulting on digital publishing projects.

Limits to the free e-book conversion for editing/proofreading services: Conversion to ePub and Kindle will take place after a contract is fulfilled and payment made in full for editing/proofreading services. The e-book can only contain up to 15 images, no fixed-layout, and up to 100,000 words for the free e-book conversion. We can definitely negotiate reasonable rates for anything beyond these limits!